Solihull Approach - Update

Solihull Approach are keen that families are aware of In Our Place online courses, in particular for the antenatal course; Understanding Your Pregnancy, Labour and Birth as offline antenatal classes are postponed at the moment due to COVID 19.
Visit to access the courses.
The codes remain for the courses are below:
North Lanarkshire :         LANERCH1 – Understanding Your Pregnancy, Labour and Birth
                                           LANERCH2 – Understanding Your Baby
                                           LANERCH3 – Understanding Your Child/Teenagers Brain
South Lanarkshire :        OWEN123 – access to all courses
Please also remember that the online course for practitioners “Understanding Trauma” is currently included.  The code to access this is
North Lanarkshire – LANERCHPRF
South Lanarkshire - OWENPRF